Full screen mac os lion

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OS X 10.7 (Lion) and Full Screen Mode

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Full Screen Mode, Safari - Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual [Book]

Hot Network Questions. With Apple introducing full screen apps in Mac OS X Lion you may be wondering if there is an easier way to use the feature without dragging the mouse pointer to the top right hand of the application window you are working in. Well you can perform a keyboard shortcut. Simply press Command-Control-F on your keyboard, as shown below, and supported applications will be presented in full screen.

Mac Tip: Keyboard Shortcut To Enter And Exit Full Screen Apps In OS X Lion

Press the same combination again and the application will return to the previous windowed view. You have to press all the three buttons together. When all three are together only then it works. I find the three-key-combination unintuitive.

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  • I know that Esc works for some apps e. Why would Apple throw such a monkey wrench into your life?

    Re: Full screen not really Full screen for Pharo 1.4 / 2.0 and Macos Lion

    The second reason, frankly, is that the old system never really made sense in the first place. Until now, if you want to move the page to the left , you dragged the scroll-bar handle to the right. If you wanted to move down the page, you dragged the handle up. GlobalPreferences com.

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    Find a photo or block of text. With two fingers, double-tap the trackpad.

    How To Make Full Screen Apps Open in Fullscreen on Mac OS X Lion

    These are taps , not full clicks. On the Magic Mouse, double-tap with one finger. Safari neatly magnifies the photo or text block to fill the screen, just as on an iPhone or iPad. Neat, huh?