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To my mother, she was more than twice my age and had experienced and lost much more than I could even comprehend at that time. She was Michael was This was I didn't need another frat rapper like Sammy Adams and Chris Webby anywhere near my rotation, a feeling that was slightly unfair but not completely off base.

The upbeat Knock Knock and thudding s of Donald Trump rang off at every dorm room and every party during my first couple years of college. The acronym K. Although he accomplished a tremendous feat for independent artists, the 1. Macadelic didn't stand a chance a foolish foresight on my part. From , there was just too much good music coming out to pay him any mind.

Drill music became popular. Watch the Throne dropped. Just exactly "who the fuck is Mac Miller?

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Mac Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick died of an apparent overdose last week at the young age of Exactly one week before my 26th birthday. One of my favorite musicians from the past five years, who's worked with damn near all my favorite artists from this decade, was unexpectedly gone, just like that. That ugly reminder of mortality.

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It struck a chord on many untuned levels. I'm not ashamed to admit that I teared up several times this weekend after hearing the tragic news. It's tough to even write this now. Unlike Mike, he was metaphorically within arm's reach to his audience because of how honest and inviting he was into his complex and troubled world, using lyrics as a conduit. On the surface, however, he seemed like a regular, approachable person with an unrelenting smile.

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A personal friend. From the excellent profile by Craig Jenkins, published on September 6th, A steady trickle of excited rap fans stop him to say hello. The few that linger to talk longer all seem to want something; one wanted a feature for his mixtape, and another asked the rapper to check out his SoundCloud page, graciously sparing us the spectacle of a street cipher.

Mac is cordial and patient with people even when he appears to smell a pitch coming. The most striking fan interaction happened when two deaf girls asked for autographs outside the hotel.

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Mac was quietly floored by this. I've lost close friends - figuratively and literally - to drug addiction and accidental overdoses. Spectators that apathetically say addiction is not a disease or "they didn't try their best to get sober" don't truly understand the nature of this beast.

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He was trying to get better. From Rembert Brown's Grantland feature of Mac in In the summer of , Mac hit a low point, which also became a personal breakthrough.

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And got clean. Mac Miller was extremely transparent about his trials and tribulations since the start of his Second Act, which unofficially commenced with Macadelic. After Blue Slide Park was critically panned, he became deeply hurt and dove into the turbulent and murky waters of depression, using substances as a buoy. The music reflected a darker time in his life, a strong contrast from his "frat rap" days, but it exhibited a growing development of Mac as an artist.

Odd Future and TDE features? A guest verse from the fabled Jay Electronica?? In 1 hour, my stance on Mac had done a complete I no longer saw him as "Easy Mac with the cheesy raps. I was hooked; reeled in by the quality and left reeling from the content. This ebb trended upwards with the set of releases over the next couple years; the creation of the SoundCloud-prolific Larry Fisherman , his producer alter-ego; the darkly-manic Faces , which many consider to be his best rap project; and, GO:OD AM , a title that could be interpreted differently depending on what track you listened to.

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Each loosie and full project displayed his maturity not only as a rapper but as an artist and more importantly, a person. Evident with his fanbase growing during this time, Mac's self-awareness and open honesty about his struggles connected with many people experiencing similar such as addiction and depression. Balancing light and dark, always with a hopeful attitude.

In , Anderson Cooper asked him if he disliked gay people , and he said, "No, I don't have any problem with nobody.

You know what I mean? I'm just like whatever.

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I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want. And so, while not exactly what any gay person except for Elton John would describe as an ally, it seemed that Eminem was evolving on the idea that gay people are people too. It gets better, indeed.