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WeTransfer WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. There is no separate product version for Windows. The target audience is Mac users only. Blocs is a downloadable software used to create promo websites, landing pages and portfolios. Apple ideology is in the basis of the product: according to the major idea, a user has to get aesthetic pleasure from working with the application.

Quality and extensive functionality of the program contributes to this objective.

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When it comes to Blocs positionaing, user impressions and experience come first. The majority of users understand that if web designers have notably invested into the development of interface design, then the rest of the features will be also provided on a decent level.

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Can this statement be applied to Blocs? Blocs is the application, which encompasses the features of the WYSIWYG web page editor, a set of readymade blocks to fill a website, brics the analogue of widgets in similar systems and design customization settings of each website element. Everything is logically-structured and commonly organized here. The interface is intuitive yet complex. It is easy to work with the interface and it will take from 1 hour and up to days to get used to it depending upon your experience of working with other website builders. Detailed exploration of features and realization of Blocs options will take around weeks.

This time will be enough not only to memorize the elements and their positions, but also to learn the basics of correct program use, if you have enough practice. When making new actions, you will be offered pop up tips. Learn them to speed up the progress and understand the unevident nuances of working with Blocs. When it comes to the use of the app, it seems to be convenient, quality and full of original structural options.

Blocs allows designing web pages without any coding, but by means of using drag-and-drop functionality. Each web page contains three sections, namely the upper Global and Dynamic sections and the lower Global section. The essence is the following: the elements you will add to the Global section will be displayed on each page. These are generally menu, header and footer. The full list of created web pages is displayed in the same corner. By choosing any of them, you can access SEO settings, display settings, language selection and code adding options etc.

Next to it, there are elements used to change the preview mode — from the desktop to the mobile and back. Blocs offers 2 types of web design options: readymade blocks and brics. The editor provides multiple categories of readymade blocks, which can be added to any web page as blank canvases or those with demo content. Their list is as follows: structure, hero, navigation, headers, carousels, articles, devices, features, team, gallery, call to, pricing, social, testimonial, brands, special, footers.

A set of template blocks is more than enough to completely form portfolio, landing website or promo website pages in less than 30 minutes.

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Brics are the elements the blocks consist of. They can be added separately. You can use a blank template, design the block layout manually and add suitable brics to any of them. Not more than 8 brics may be found on the quick access control panel at a time. This set can be modified, although, such approach is inconvenient. It looks effective and feels nice, but this slows down the working process on practice.

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All in all, 50 brics are available here. By combining these elements, you can create blocks with custom functionality. To add brics to the web page, you should select the one you need and click the area it should be added to. Then you proceed to the next element etc. When choosing any of the blocks or brics, their actual settings will be displayed in the right part of the sidebar. The set of parameters differs with regard to the selected element.

For example, you can choose the font type, style, animation and display parameters for a text. There are 5 switches in the sidebar footer, which activate extra dashboards, namely:.

There is one more settings menu with a non-standard positioning — the Project Settings. By using it, you can set up your website width, web address, favicon, logo, scripts, preloader and add Google tracking code. Softonic review Mac Notepad also called iNotepad for Mac is a text editor that provides a user interface and features focused around technologies unique to Apple devices. Feature Rich Text Mac Notepad provides an almost dizzying number of features. Microsoft Office Your favorite Office Suites in a bundle.

Celtx Script Celtx Script is like a virtual video planning assistant. Download Mac Notepad 9.

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