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From MacSoft: Command one of eight mighty powers grappling to conquer the New World in this new generation of the landmark Age of Empires series.

Experience the Age of Discovery through amazing 3D graphics. Crush your enemies with devastating cannons and rifled infantry. Navigate your naval fleet to claim strategic waterways. Build cities with towering cathedrals, and forge a thriving empire with a booming economy. What do you need to know about free software?

Summary This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Please Wait. Submit Your Reply. Summary: Count: 0 of 1, characters Submit cancel The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. E-mail This Review. E-mail this to: Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: 0 of 1, characters Submit cancel. The radii that define the range that animals can run is hard coded into the game, and is not map specific, meaning that without changing that radius, those animals are always going to run the wrong way when they get outside the radius.

The only thing you can do as a really skilled player. Is correctly judge how far the animals have moved and intentionally shoot it away from your tc, thus bugging it and moving it actually closer to your tc. Post 7. I was thinking of just doing some map editing for back herding. So basically that second hunt should start in or just outside of TC LOS on GP instead of it being off in the boondocks like it sometimes is.

For Andes specifically I think splitting that first hunt into two might be best way to keep it from back herding. The second and third hunts I rarely had issues with it's just that first massive one with like deer in it that act all retarded when you shoot it. It should help reduce the issue by reducing the number of shots to herd that second or third hunt, though not totally eliminating the problem.

The conquer goes to the east with Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties

Roughly something along those lines. I'm not even at a point to start editing the maps, so I'm just throwing ideas out of my head.

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May 17 , AM. Post 8. I agree with nerfing Brits musk cards, because right now, even medium players can get such a mass with Brits in a few minutes that other civs can't match. The fact that they can also get musks with better stats makes them OP in fanpatch. Sioux is still quite OP in fanpatch, even though I know it was nerfed. I don't have any idea on how to nerf them without making them unplayable vs rushes though.

Maybe decrease some multipliers rifle riders have vs heavy infantry. Also, improving their infantry and making Sioux more able to deal with rushes would be good.

I would nerf Aztec arrow knights. They are a bit too effective on siege for their price. Late game, Aztecs get a bit too lame with a fast-moving army which can beat France's just watch the game Garja played vs Misim on Hispaniola to see what I mean. Otto abus still does too good in team games, in which musk abus rushes can basicaly kill everything with good micro; well-done double musk abus is just unbeatable.

I think even in fanpatch abus is still overpowered. I think I'm not the only one who noticed that Indian elephants late game do too well vs upgraded musks in melee.

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Making an urumi-mahouts combo late game makes India very hard to counter with a eurociv, since goons die too fast to urumis to micro effectively vs mahouts and musks fail to be a match for the elephants even in melee mode. Also, doesn't India get Otto bombards in age 3 from consulate? That's OP considering Ottos get them in age 4. I don;t think France is OP, except cuirs late game, but they train slow and cost a lot of resources and population.

France was already nerfed on vill cost in fanpatch 1.

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Russia's oprichniks should be nerfed. You have to make sure oprichnik box laming can be countered with each civ. It takes no skill to make a big mass of oprichniks or imperial dopps or exalted samurais to siege the opponents' eco and give them a hard time countering that, especially when they have more speed like oprichniks. They should probably train slower so you don't get a lot of mass too fast and keep your opponents running around to get each group of oprichniks sieging everywhere.

That's just a few ideas I got right now, some of which have been reported by other fanpatch players too, not just me. May 17 , PM. Post 9. Post Perhaps the problem isn't so much with British, but with muskets being too strong in general.

This is a tricky change though and I'm trying very hard to be a minimalist. What makes them OP in your opinion? I can look at the stats later and see how they stack up to both units respectively, as well as how Siege Elephants stack to all of this.

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Again though I am trying very hard to keep changes to a minimum. France shouldn't win every late game fight by default. Total balance in a team game I don't think will ever be possible. I don't think it's OP, but I'd assume that would need to be changed if it were the case. This would make defend mode only good for defending units inside that box, and it would be hard to abuse the unit stance offensively. They become very strong once massed and backed by Ashi.

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