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You can click and drag a tab to move it to another spot among your row open tabs in the current window. You can also drag a tab out of the current window and start a new window or drag it from one window to another window. This shortcut saves you from needing to click the little X to close a tab.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Instead, use Command-W to close your current tab. To close your current Safari window, use Command-Shift-W.

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After an explosion of tabs, you can close all tabs but the current tab and any pinned tabs by hitting Command-Option-W. Hit Command-Shift-R to enable Safari's reading mode to get a clean, clutter-free version of the page you are viewing. Hit the keyboard shortcut again to close the Sidebar. Like Chrome, Safari displays a speaker icon on any tab that is playing audio.

Unlike with Chrome, with Safari you can click on the speaker icon to mute the tab.

Keyboard shortcuts and gestures in Safari on Mac

You can also click the blue speaker icon in the URL bar to mute all tabs. You can go back a page on your current tab by hitting Command-left arrow. To move forward a page, use Command-right arrow. When you are viewing a page and not filling out a form, using Google Docs or otherwise engaging your cursor in Safari , hit the spacebar to page down on a page and Shift-spacebar to page up.

Mac Computer Tips: How to switch between applications with the keyboard (Cmd+Tab)

Hit Command-up arrow to return to the top of the web page you are viewing and Command-down arrow to go to the very bottom of the page. If a page is taking too long to load, hit the Escape key to stop it from loading. To reload the page, hit Command-R.

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If you have trouble reading a small font on a page, hit Command-Shift-[equals sign] to zoom in. To zoom out, use Command-Shift-[minus sign] to zoom out.

7 Shortcuts for Reading & Viewing Pages

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    User profile for user: DasGort DasGort. Hello, I know that you can toggle between different applications with command-tab, but can you toggle between multiple windows of the same app?

    Switch between more windows in Safari

    Moving different safari windows around to find the right one is driving me bonkers. I know you can toggle between tabs, but sometimes you just have to have a new window! Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Malcolm Rayfield Malcolm Rayfield. You opened a tutorial video on YouTube in Safari which is running in full-screen mode. Now in the main YouTube player window, you have clicked on the Full Screen control placed towards the bottom right of the player. This takes the YouTube video full screen, and moves it to a separate Space of its own.

    You are shown the current Safari tab, but its full-screen video display is on another Space generally, the next Space towards right of Safari's Space. This is the default behaviour in the described scenario.

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    4. After switching to Safari's Space, you'll have to change to the adjacent Space using any one of the methods to change Space. Since you mentioned you don't want to use trackpad, the easiest way to do so, is to use the keyboard shortcut to switch Space.