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Now in Space Gray with Thunderbolt 3, quad-core to 6-core processors, and 64GB of RAM.

Just be careful, and take it slow. If you do decide to tackle it yourself, we recommend performing both a RAM and a hard drive upgrade at the same time. You don't want to be taking your Mac mini apart on a regular basis, so doing everything at once is the best course of action.

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We recommend upgrading your Mac mini's memory to the largest configuration supported by your specific model. Because the upgrades are a bit difficult to perform, you don't want to have to go back and upgrade the RAM again at some future date. Be sure to check the information for your specific Mac mini model, below, for the correct type of RAM to use.

Like the RAM upgrade, the hard drive upgrade is best suited to individuals who have a bit of computer DIY experience under their belts.

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Whether you're experienced or just adventurous, this is something you probably don't want to do more than once, so install the largest hard drive you can afford when you perform this upgrade. The exceptions were the models with the Mac mini 1,1 identifier. The Core Duo processors use a bit architecture instead of the bit architecture seen in the Core 2 Duo models.

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The first thing you need is your Mac mini's model number. Here's how to find it:.


Leak confirms new MacBook, Mac Mini, and iMac are incoming

From the Apple menu , select About This Mac. The System Profiler window will open, listing your mini's configuration. Make sure the Hardware category is selected in the left-hand pane. So, are we likely to have another long wait until Apple updates the Mac mini again or can we expect to see a new Mac mini in ?

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Read our review of the Mac mini. With the MacBook Air and the iMac seeing updates over the summer of , it seems likely that the Mac mini will soon see an update of its own. But, when you consider that the spec updates to those models were quite minimal maybe Apple will leave the Mac mini unchanged until In the iMac saw its first update since , moving from 7th-gen quad-core processors to 3.

Even the MacBook Pro has only seen minor, same processor generation, spec boost on the 13in models, with only the 15in models seeing a leap to the 9th-gen Intel processors with up to 8-cores. There could be an update to the Mac mini in October , a year after the new models were introduced, but we think that an update in spring or at WWDC is more likely. As for whether the Mac mini could see a price drop, there are certainly those wishing for one. When Apple introduced the new Mac mini in October it also put up the price. Will Apple reduced the price of the Mac mini?

We very much doubt it.

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We think that when Apple updates the range the prices will remain exactly the same as they are now. You can buy a Mac mini from Apple here. We also have some great discounts on the Mac mini in our Mac deals round up. Announcing the update to the Mac mini in October , Apple revealed that the mini is a popular choice for server farms and that video professionals often string together multiple Mac minis for video editing.