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You can watch a Let's Play below and grab the downloads, but at the time of writing the website has been bombarded with traffic so getting yourself a download isn't actually possible from the official website. I drew a crummy map for Slender - getting lost was driving me nuts.

It's only a rough guide, just to show where everything basically is. It's hard to get accurate when Slender loves finding people standing still because they're doodling Isn't it part of the point that you don't know where you are and are wandering around for ages? I didn't realise I bypassed the ugly tree, I went straight round following the fence and went past the two trucks and the pipe. It got me at the pipe.


Hopefully the main site will be back up soon. I know this is getting old, but I want you to know that I love you, and that you are my hero.

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Fucking hell. This game is the first time I have ever shouted out when scared from a horror game.

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When he catches you and you lose control of the camera combined with loud static and him being so close. My first game I'm an idiot for doing it a second time. I went into the bath house type thing, through the middle door.

Mansion V1.1 file - Slenderman's Shadow

I had one page at this point. I had not yet seen him, so I had no idea what he looked like or anything.

More Slenderman adventures, in a scary school

The faint thump resounded in the background. I walked in, turned a few ways and found the note on the wall. I picked it up, started walking back out the same way I came in. Slender Man, a fictional supernatural character featured in countless games, books, photos, and even an upcoming Hollywood full-length feature film. From to early , Slender Man was one of the most popular figures in modern pop culture. That all changed on May 31st, On May 31st, , Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser - two year-old girls living in Waukesha, Wisconsin, lured classmate Payton Leutner and stabbed her 19 times before leaving her for dead.

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She managed to crawl out to a nearby road, where she was rescued by a cyclist. Waukesha Fire and Police departments later arrived and escorted her to the hospital, where she spent six days recovering from her injuries and has since returned to school. Now, 3 years later, independent video game developer Brandon D.

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