Coffee spill on mac keyboard

You can dampen the cotton swabs with hot water but they should not be dripping wet. Let everything dry for two to three days. Put the keycaps back on, testing the keys to make sure they are no longer sticking. If you do not remember where the keycaps go, check the picture you took of the keyboard.

Plug the keyboard into your computer or re-install the batteries.

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Use the keyboard to see if it works. To help prevent this situation, follow these steps: Shut down the laptop and remove the power sources. If it is plugged into an outlet, unplug the laptop. If you have a removable battery, pull out the battery. Unplug your mouse, and remove any external cables. Also remove any flash drives or DVDs.

Tilt the laptop to get the liquid out from the area it came in. Carefully turn the laptop upside down, keeping any dripping liquid away from the monitor. Dry the laptop and keyboard using a towel or cloth. Try your best to dry between the keys. Take your laptop to a reputable IT service and repair shop to be disassembled, cleaned, and dried out. The unfortunate has happened.

Sitting at your desk, you turn around. Spinning back to throw your hand back to the keyboard you quickly forget the drink sitting directly next to your brand new Macbook Air. If you follow these simple steps, you significantly increase the chances of saving your MacBook or PC laptop from imminent doom. Fingers crossed and positive energy and you may have a survivor. This is where iFixYouri comes in. Even if you were able to perform all the steps above, and everything seems to work as normal, we HIGHLY recommend sending it in for a proper MacBook water damage repair. This may have helped. Hello Nicole!

Can you tell me, How is your MacBook Pro now? Did you get further problems? Hi everyone. I was using my literally 7-day-old macbook air when I spill water all over the keyboard. I panicked for some seconds, but then rush immediately to dry the visible water with a towel. While doing this I thought that maybe I should power it off at this stage it was still on and working so I did. I search on the internet what to do and get to this post, so I turned it upside down and some drops of water started coming out of the keyboard.

I then left it upside down above a towel with the fun like in the picture for some hours. Then remove the fun and left it there for almost 6 days. Today, I turn it on and everything is working normally. I performed the Apple diagnosis and everything went fine. Still a little worried that maybe it will stop working in the future, but for now I think I got really lucky. So to everyone that goes through this, I think acting quickly is the key to save the mac. Hope whoever is reading this gets lucky too.

Will update in the future if I experience some problem regarding to this, and never ever again will have drinks near my pc. My daughter spilled a cup of water and it ran onto my MBP which was closed I immediately picked it up, dried it- opened it to see if it was wet inside. I went straight to panic mode bc of all the years of photos that may be gone. Then I found this forum. So 2 days ago i ahalf a cup of green tea on my keyboard.

It didnt start the next day so i didnt pry and lost hope and shut it. Today morning, i tried to see if the charger works, so i plugged it in, the charging light lights up on the charger cable. It started, went to the login screen, i entered the password, the fans started, quite loud, unusually loud…. Ok full panic. Hands were wet and was typing. Some of the keys started to stop working. I came out of chrome and turned it off. So I turned it off a few times and on stupidly. I can get in on guest and the login screen and power button work.

I have left it upside down all night. I used a cold hairdryer for a bit last night. If not there goes my next holiday. I am sure most of u will be ok. I was at a coffee shop and managed to dump an entire cup of hot black coffee onto the keyboard of my Macbook Air, which was on at the time. It immediately shut off and I used paper towels to wipe off what I could and then turned it over to try to drain the rest. I went online and read a bunch of accounts of what to do — I went out and bought a special Mac screwdriver so I could take the back off of the computer and clean up further.

I disconnected the battery and took out the hard drive. I used isopropyl alcohol and a clean cotton rag to wipe everything down — brown coffee was everywhere. Thank you all, especially Mel C, March 22, whose experiences helped me feel much less panic and provided hope things might be okay. Take heart! This was despite our not shutting down immediately after the water spill.

Glad to hear this worked for you Christopher, I have saved a few MacBook computers from this upside-down with a fan approach too. I spilt some water on it and was watching YouTube when it happened. The sound went off and then so did the screen. It took me some seconds to think what to do but a turned it off as soon as I got the reflex to and wiped the water with a towel. I wiped it off and continued to use the computer until it suddenly shut down.

I had not read about what to do so I vacuumed the keyboard and flipped it upside down for a little while. I then tried to power on with just the battery-no luck. I plugged it in and tried powering on. It switched on for about 10 seconds and then died again. Finally googled this post and realized all the stupid things I had done such as powering it back on. I followed the fan under computer method with towel and placed the computer in an air-conditioned room for about 30 hours. In the meantime I researched the cost of a new macbook pro: After realizing that my current macbook which actually has usb ports and the magnetic charger is actually no longer available I became really worried!

Well I switched it back on after 30 hours I could not wait any longer. The Mac powered back no problem! I immediately backed up all my important documents and they shut it down correctly and left it for another 24 hours under fan. It is now running as before and it appears there are no errors. So disaster averted! And no more drinking with my Mac!!! Wow so many good results.

No me! Thur Ed it upside down immediately it was not attached to power. Black screen. The battery shows green light when I put the power plug on it but nothing. I unplugged it again. Then it Had a little box with question mark for a minute then disappeared. Nothing since…two more days. Do you think someone the alcohol trick would work? I spilled some water on my keyboard and turned to upside down luckily I had a keyboard protector and it turned off, I think only about a couple of water drops went into the keboard near the space button. Is there anything else I can do to make sure it gets at minimal water damage?

My home had a water spoil in the 1st floor. The new macbook pro was in the ground floor and get wet. I swiped it with my tshirt when I returned back home and I left it for 2 hours up to a chair with the USBs to be up and down. I opened it then to swipe also inside. What should I do? I ve left it with the lap open again with the USBs up and down. Recap of what to do if macbook gets wet: 1-take back off computer, flip the computer upside down on a towel on a laundry basket or crate with holes and a fan underneath.

While I appreciate the info, given the presumably high percentage of people who are going to be reading this immediately after spilling coffee on their MacBooks, could you cut down on the front matter? Maybe the discussion could come after the answer? Ban, I have good news to report: I spilled water on my MacBook Air and immediately unplugged it, turned it off, dried off the keys, flipped it over, and put a fan underneath it blowing on the keyboard. After four days after being doused with water I was using the MacBook again despite it being very wet when water got all over the MacBook, but it had dried completely after four days I live in the desert so we have low humidity, that might make a difference too.

This guide worked for me to save my MacBook from water damage and I still use the MacBook today, you can scroll down and read the instructions on preventing water damage to a MacBook, which you had to scroll down to get to the comment section, so you do not seem to have a problem with scrolling. Good luck with your wet Mac, I hope it helps you too! Remember to dry it out a long time. My mac shut down in a fraction of a second after the beer was on my top right corner. After reading some stuff I wiped the visible beer, turned the mac upside down and waited minutes.

After the minutes I tried turning it on. I decided to shut it down and leave it in my room with the keyboard facing downwards. After about 40 hours I took the risk of plugging it in to a power source and turn it on. It did turn on, but there are several problems: 1.

No battery available. I think the battery is fried 2. Screen goes darker from time to time, and it is either on the left side either on the right side. It is never the same side, and it is never the same period of time. Other than that the mac works just fine, no overheating, played a game for about 30 minutes it works just fine, same commands response as usual, no data lost.

I am glad I got on this page because your questions and answers really helped. Just today I dropped a full cup of tea on the keyboard of my MBP. I picked up the computer and the tea poured out. I dried it off and took it to the Apple Store. They showed me photos of the wet battery and hard drive.

They told me to google and find a remedy. I am relying on the good words and wishes of the people here. Going to buy rice tomorrow. Rice never worked for me. I once poured water over my iPhone and covered it in a bowl of rice. I suppose your MBP is dead. A damaged logic board is all it takes for a MBP to be toast. A couple of weeks ago I spilled a full cup of coffee over my MacBook Pro… My cup was right next to the optical drive so the fluids went over the whole keyboard. After 1 or 2 seconds of total shock and regret I flipped it upside down in order to get the fluids out.

To me, this was the best and logical idea at that moment to prevent any further damage to the components. After holding it upside down for 1 minute I dried all the surfaces with a towel. At that time I thought that it was about to shut down and be toast any second. To my surprise it kept working.

No black screen, no immediate shut down whatsoever.

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So my all or nothing attitude took over. I kept it on and waited for it to go black and dead. Nothing like that ever happened. My MacBook was on the bed; I reached to drink water from a lidded container, but the lid was not secure. It spilled onto the blanket that the MBP was resting on, and pooled enough for the water to seep into all those ports, etc on the left edge. The screen went black. I immediately tilted it sideways and let the water drain not much, but clearly enough to do damage. After reading a couple of sites, I powered it down — although it already seemed off.

When I pressed and held the power button, it did make that click. Less than a minute later, the fan started running. I powered it down again and same thing happened again. Third time, it stayed powered down. This is not a keyboard issue, but water into the left-side ports. Thanks for the helpful and encouraging article. I read it because our 5-year-old MacBook took a glass of sweetened tea on the keyboard and all around the edges.

I ran a little cold water over it, hoping to wash off the sugar. I put it back together and powered it up. All the keys still worked. Everything still seems to be fine, several hours later. Well, im one of those who has a toddler that decided to grab my coffee that was unfortunately sitting next to my laptop and yes you guessed it, he spilled it over the right keyboard area.

I immediately grabbed my laptop, cursed the world for ever leaving my laptop and coffee near a almost 2 year old, and flipped my laptop over without a care in the world about anything else i. I was devastated and felt so much guilt and sadness because I realized the obvious of never being able to recover the 23, pictures I saved or having my laptop on again.

I then had the thought of vacuuming the keyboard with a small heavy duty shop vac. With the look of defeat on my face I turned it back on and I knew it would turn on I just didnt know the damage. I tried all the keys and realized that the only sticky one is the right shift key and other than that the laptop works just fine. Now I dont know if this will eventually bite me in the ass, since I read here in the treads that corrosion does exist. Nevertheless I am hopeful that my laptop is safe out of coffees harms way.

This kid will be the death of me.

Spilled coffee or cold drink on your MacBook? Fix it with these 7 easy steps

The board was shorted and the keys work no longer. For restarting I have to reconnect the cord again but now I rarely shut down my mac and use its sleep function instead. Once in a while I restart it. Almost two years now, still using it. Thought I will post it as it might bring relief to someone out there who are worried about the long term outcome. I spilt 10 ounces of water on my MacBook Pro. Turned upside down sheik it violently then took a hair dryer to it upside down, and all is fine.

Hi there, I just spilled tea on my MacBook Pro retina 13 inch. I placed it in a bucket of rice and tried to on it the next day. But it could on and all but the problem is it switches off. So I decided to put it back in the rice. Is it a good sign that it could on and charge? But the problem is its switches off on it own. I spilled a lot of water straight across the keyboard of my mid MB Pro. The screen went black immediately and I flipped it over and started shaking the water out. Fortunately I had recently replaced the battery so I had the tools to open it and remove the battery and wipe whatever I could on the interior.

What should you do if you spill drink on Apple keyboard

I work in a lab so I stuck it in an oven like that at about F for 5 hours, flipped it over once, then left it overnight. Reassembled it and plugged it in the next morning and everything is working flawlessly. Mercy …. I spilt water on my macbook air last night, immediately wiped off with tissue and thought my mac was working fine until the keyboard started to not respond… thats when I turned it off and found your website on my phone!

I tried the crate and fan thing and it worked for me! It saved my mac! It is less than a month old!!! I immediately flipped it upside down and powered it off and wiped it all off and have kept it upside down ever since. I had it all wiped off in less than 10 seconds, and after crying for about an hour I started looking on the Internet about what to do. Hey so recently I had spilt a little tea in my MacBook Pro.

Sadly I was an idiot and kept using it. Is this due to the logic board being wet or just the keyboard? Please let me know. Please reply ASAP. Many thanks for this advice. I spilled a few ounces of sparkling water on my Macbook Air. I did not turn the machine off right away, just wiped off the keyboard and touchpad and kept working. This led me here on another computer where I thought I had really blown it by not shutting down immediately! I did not have one of those plastic crates but did have a bankers box, grate and small fan.

I blew air from beneath the keyboard for 4 days before restarting. The machine restarted just fine and will accept a charge.

I feel extremely fortunate that I did not fry the machine. Apple makes an excellent, resilient product. Many thanks again for the great advice. I have dunked a glass of water on a MacBook Air before and using this exact upside-down fan technique has saved the computer, and it still works flawlessly to this day. Best of luck, hope yours turns out just as good. If you follow that article and the instructions, you might be able to save the MacBook from liquid damage.

Just spilled a drink of lemon water and Curacao on my laptop yesterday. I decided to have a drink and listen to some music before bed. I turned it upside down and used a towel. The computer made weird noises and the screen was flickering bUT the key board was fine. So I closed it. I spilled half a cup of coffee on my macbook pro and my heart dropped but I was able to flip it over as fast as possible.

The screen was still on at that time so I shut it down and seached for ways to save it and came across this site. So I tried to turn it off and a few minutes later there was this beeping sound 5 sec interval and I was losing it so I rushed it over to an apple service centre closed it but holding it upside down the whole way. I arrived there an hour since the accident and the consultant attached a cable to it and did what I assumed was a hardware scan because there were little icons showing the different hardware component.

The whole thing was very sad, and my boss was not happy with me. This had all happened around May 11th. From two months ago. An act of the Computer Gods. Never lose hope! Many great suggestions here. My MacBook was sitting in bottom of laundry basket I was using to transport various items to our cabin.

After the two day trip I found my MacBook soaking in wine. Too late for disconnecting battery. What to do? Apple repair,,,,, no warranty from liquids. I began dismantling to establish the extent of liquid inside and attempted to save my hard drive. No such luck. All items of importance were backed up. All seemed well when I powered the computer back on after 72 hours. But unfortunately my trackpad and keyboard quit working from time to time. I declined and doubt in will drop that.

I am not in a huge hurry. Does anyone have any recommendations? Let it dry out and then run Apple Hardware Test and see if it tells you anything. Another option is to sell as water damaged machine on Ebay for parts, then use those proceeds to buy a new Mac. Reading all of these comments gives me hope that I can save my MBP! Is the towel an essential part of this recovery process or does placing it upside down over the crate with the fan completely exposed work too? I worry that the towel is too thick and that the circulation of the fan is not reaching the keyboard as it should.

I just spilled a large glass of tea right on to the keyboard of my MacBook air. I was quick to turn it updated down and get a towel under it. I noticed some trees coming out the ports though. The computer was on at the time and it took on a life of its own before I could get it powered down.

I am n San Jose del Cabo on vacation. I have A fan under it now. Keeping fingers crossed. Will update once I have a chance to let it dry or and determine if all is well. I spilled a tiny bit of water on my macbook air while it was charging It was a freak accident, but too long to explain It immediately shut down on its own. I panicked and became hysterical. Lucky for me my co-workers sprung into action, and did the crate, towel, fan trick, and turned my laptop keyboard face down for it to dry out. I decided to share my story because the online forums brought me comfort when I was panicking.

My water scare worked out, so keep hope alive and follow the advice of these forums. Because my purchase was so recent, and I still had time to purchase the warranty, and so now if my laptop messes up later, then they will fix it at no charge. Good luck everyone! Sorry for the misinformation, I was misinformed by the Sales Assoc.

Was at the library doing some studying when I reached over my MacBook and spilled some water from my waterbottle onto the keyboard. I quickly turned off the laptop, cleaned up any visible water, and flipped it upside down trying to shake any water out off the keyboard. Just successfully recovered a MacBook Pro from a dropped glass of water over the keyboard and screen.

The notebook was powered on and being charged when the incident happened. The notebook shut off by itself. Kept the power off and just dried the keyboard and exterior with paper towels. Then placed it in a pillowcase and inside a full new bucket of kitty litter. Removed it 72 hours later, plugged it in, pressed the power and heard the beautiful boot orchestra. The track pad and keyboard work. All is well!! Interesting strategy, glad you got your MacBook Pro working despite the water glass on it! Once I used all the napkins I shook out as much juice out as I can and went inside to grab more napkins and wiped again!

At this point I was freaking out so keeping my laptop upside down walked to my car and drove home. I once again tried to shake out any other liquid then found this article. I fiddled with it for 30 mins, so far so good, nothing out of the norm! Laptop is shut down for now will check it again tomorrow , if anything happens I will be sure to follow up with a post. Thanks for posting about this topic! Definitely was a huge help!!! I had placed my MacBook Air on a table, and a flower vase was tipped over next to it. I watched it all happened, so within a split second I had scooped up the computer and wrapped it in a dish towel.

I immediately used a more fluffy, absorbent bath towel, Q-tips, and paper towels to dry off the exterior, although I could barely find any wet spots my shirt had gotten wet as well when the vase tipped, so it rubbed against the exterior for a second when I was holding it, and that was the only wet area I could see.

I had a plastic Speck case on the computer, but the bottom fell off a few months ago, so at the time of the spill there was only the top part of the case on. Although there were only around 2 or 3 seconds between the moment of the spill and the time I was fervently drying it off, I think the bottom of the computer might have come into contact with the water.

I also tried putting the charger in for a quick sec, but nothing happened as well no little orange light , so I took it off. As I said, my sister and I used cotton and such to wipe down the keyboard, crannies, and such as best we could, and now we have it sitting upside down. Our house is pretty dry, so hopefully that will help.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. When he saw it outside, I rushed it in and dried the exterior off with a towel. The next day, I plugged it in tentatively and it worked! Still have it today : I think it was pretty dumb of me to try it after only one day though, so if it happens to you, you should probably wait around days just to be safe. Should I look it up and risk it? Is it relatively simple? Or would I do more damage just trying it?

Thank you! My daughter spilled water on her MacBook Air and the screen was looking really weird backwards writing that snaked around the screen. I immediately turned it off and found this site and set up a similar set up. I did not touch it for a few days and the computer is now as good as ever. It has been about 8 months! So thank you thank you for great advice!! Did the same thing everyone else did- sounds like I tried to resolve it in the same way too. Cup of water was the culprit. So 95 hours to go.

Checked out the applecare- does not cover water damage.

An open letter to my Macbook Pro, on which I spilled coffee this morning

I did all of the steps that everyone has mentioned, but it took me a good 30 minutes from the incident to removal to get the screwdrivers necessary for taking it apart- do you think that this amount of time has proven to be average or too long? The guessing game. Anyway, if anyone had to take that long to get the battery removal started, let me know how it turned out for you. I spilt beer on my keyboard on my MacBook Air and it immediately shut off. I panicked, turned it upside down and used a towel to soak up any liquid on the outside. I tried turning it back on, and the screen came on for a second then turned off again.

I found this thread, but my computer, without the towel, over the fan for 5 days and when I turned it back in it worked as normal. My wife spilled half a cup of coffee on her Mac air. It hit both the screen and keyboard. I figured a fair bit of coffee with cream got in. The screen was blank and I did not know if it was on or off. I took off the back to disconnect the battery, which is no easy job.

The screws have a tiny torx head. I have a kit of special screw driver tips but none were small enough. I instead used a small jewelers screwdriver that I filed down slightly to span the torx star. I got all but one out and had to drill off the head of that one. I took out the 5 screws holding the battery pack after unplugging the multipin connector. There was about 1 cc of coffee free in the case. I rinsed the entire case and circuit board thoroughly with a quart of distilled water and then with denatured alcohol and dried it out in front of my wood stove 2 feet away with a fan on it too.

When I could no longer smell any alcohol, I tried it and it started up. There was one corner of the screen that had a watermark-like change but the screen still displayed. Hey last night I spilled some water on my husbands macbook pro it was closed at the time i wiped the top and moved it.. My spill was a cloudy Yerba mate tea with soy milk creamer and sugar in it, covering the left side of my keypad.

Boom — mop it up, unplug it and in 4 seconds screen goes black. Immediately unplug and turn keyboard-down directly on paper towels on the desk. Left for 2 hours. Came back, hit return amd screen still black — power off and read this site. My instinct told me to get my super powerful home vacuum and I sucked the keyboard for several minutes with very high level vacuum. Then I sat with a hair dryer on cool setting for maybe 15 minutes, directly on keyboard upside down in my lap.

Powered up, it appears completely fine! Gray screen eventually turned to my login page. Try vacuum and cool hairdryer tricks, the worked for me :. Thanks, laptop angels! It got pretty soaked before I discovered it the next morning. After shaking a few tablespoons of h2o out of it, it was as dead as Jesus. Halleluiah, God lives! The Mac started right up the next morning 10 hours!! I spilled an entire cup of water on my MBP the screen did not shut off at all and it was making weird noises, I unplugged and turned it off I turned it upside down on a towel after I dried it off, and when I looked at it the caps lock key had the light still on.

I really would like to have it on today as I have a major assignment due. My MBP is my everything. My whole life depends on it. I use it for work and accidentally spilled a cup of tea onto the precious thing. Never have I been so disappointed in myself. The liquid seeped in almost everywhere, keyboard, the back of the keyboard …god knows where else. In a state of panic I immediately took the cable off and turned it upside down onto a towel. Stupid enough I tried to switch the MBP again.

My cat spilled whole coffee on my Mac Pro, I turned it upside down right away and used the fan method smaller fan in laundry basket without the tower. Ten days later, it turns on. When I rebooted it the question mark folder shows up and I used Apple Hardward Testing info, holding the D button while booting up. Now it worked except the wifi, maybe it busted. Any tip?! Thanks by the way. I spilled water on my bed while sleeping, the water traveled to my MacBook Air and entered through the bottom.

I found water in most of the plugs, and where the screen and keyboard meet. Should I wait it out with the upside fan method or just throw it in rice?!