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Miller expresses his desire to leave a lasting impression on the world "The day that I die on will turn me to an icon". At the same time, however, "S. We don't actually exist as people to anybody, we exist [through] the ideas that we give to the world.

【 Delusional Thomas (Mixtape) 】【 2013 】

Listen to "S. Miller was deeply affected by the death of his friend Reuben Eli Mitrani, whose initials are capitalized in the title of "REMember. Mitrani passed away in and Miller spends this dark, insular song reflecting on the concepts of youth, mortality, legacy, and loss. Although Miller suggests throughout the song that he will mourn his friend for the rest of his own life, he still ends on a resilient note — promising that "when the whole world is looking hopeless," he'll "still hold s down" and make Mitrani proud.

Listen to "REMember" here.

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Even on what is ostensibly a brag track, meant to assert his talent as a rapper, Miller is open and eloquent about his existentialism. In one moment, Miller brags that his competing rappers are just "diet soda. Listen to "Diablo" here. Miller's third album "GO: The song is a banger at heart, but creates tension that reflects Miller's mid-career struggle: It's the duality of man ," Miller told GQ, reflecting on the album, in Listen to "Weekend feat. Miguel " here.

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OD AM. Throughout the seven-minute, two-part confessional, Miller confronts his loved ones — his brother, his girl, his parents, his God, his own conscience, and his demons.

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He makes excuses and apologizes. He sympathizes with his mistakes and resolves not to repeat them.

Multiple Personalities: Mac Miller “Delusional Thomas”

Miller's fourth studio album, "The Divine Feminine," saw the rapper go in a completely different artistic direction. Miller had recently confirmed his romance with Ariana Grande , whose vocals appear elsewhere on the album.

Many fans interpreted "The Divine Feminine" as an expression of their relationship — and while Grande has stated that only one song, "Cinderella," was directly inspired by her , Miller's belief in true, transcendent love can be felt radiating at the core of each song. Thomas yields to show any sort of sane lyrics on the tape but creates a persona that listeners are wanting to learn more about. Mac Miller has developed a solid idea of how to be truly different. It would have been nice to hear more of himself throughout the tape but Delusional Thomas shows an Odd Future-esque theme that demonstrates the influences from his new peers living in California.

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Delusional Thomas draws attention with its interesting thematic elements, cohesive beats, and complex lyrics. Although a bit repetitive, the tape intrigues the listener with the perspective of a quite creative character. Bill Dr. Thomas Grandpa Used to Carry a Flask. A Psychedelic Dream: