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I've found these programs to be very sub-standard on the Mac; like SPSS, you're basically getting a ported version of the program that is several versions behind and runs quite slowly. There are online options like RefWorks , but this is usually administered through a university; what happens if I graduate or take a leave of absence? By far the best option I've found is Bookends. It's developed only for OS X. Advantages: Excellent interface; responsive developer; smart groups; importing attachments very simple; exports to many formats including Endnote and Bibtex; affordable; very easy to remove duplicates; integrated Amazon.

Bean Advantages: Free; open source; very slick; small memory footprint; handles. Disadvantages: Does not update automatically; does not support footnotes obviously a serious drawback for dissertation writing 3. NetNewsWire Advantages: Free; smooth interface; internal browser is excellent and supports java; customizable; works offline unlike netvibes and online readers ; integrates with MarsEdit blogging software that I use , Firefox and Safari Disadvantages: hmmm, not many are coming to mind.

Voodoopad Advantages: all-purpose notepad that accepts text, links, pictures, pdfs; responsive developer; lots of interesting plug-ins; great interface Disadvantages: Upgrades not free; Quicksilver integration buggy; wiki format can be a little confusing for note-taking at first.

For example, I'm dealing with the Fraternal Order of Police study on gambling arrests. Most of the time when I open Stata, I'm dealing with this file.

However, it's not something I want to write into my profile. Each time I deal with the data, I want to do four things at least : Set the memory to 10m; it's a small dataset and doesn't need a large memory allocation. Open the original file. Save it as a working file. Start a log. Textwrangler makes this easy with stationery. You can save any file as a stationery file that will be available in the File - New menu in the future. Type in the desired text: Save this file in the stationery folder:.

Otherwise this won't show up in the dialogue: Now we open Textwrangler and select "New With Stationery": And here is our new document, already formatted with the desired memory, log, save path and data file.

IVEware with Stata | Survey Research Center

As far as I know, there's no limit to the number of templates you can have. Start using stationery and you can save a lot of typing or mousing over the next year. I mentioned Quicksilver in my previous post on launching Stata. Let's look at what it can do with Stata: Launching applications. You can launch Stata, of course, but I almost always use Quicksilver to launch applications because I only have a laptop and hate the touchpad for mousing.

Quicksilver "learns" your preferences: for example, if you type in "Te" searching for Textwrangler, the first thing that pops up might be TextEdit or Terminal. However, if you select TextWrangler a few times in a row after typing in "te," the program will adjust and start making TextWrangler the first icon that pops up.


You don't have to wait for the program to adjust, you can directly change the default as well. Say I want Stata to be the first thing that pops up when I type "s".

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Currently it's Safari: I can change it directly in quicksilver: Navigating folders: I find Quicksilver faster and easier than Finder for file navigation. It's also far easier to use mouse-free. Here's an example: suppose I'd like to e-mail the.

Quick Navigation

In quickilver, it's just a few keystrokes: I press "st" and navigate down to my Stata folder, instead of the Stata app: I press the right arrow and the contents of this folder are displayed: Right arrow again, and I see the contents of this subfolder. Here's the file I'd like to e-mail: I press tab and select an action.

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I could open this file in Stata, show it in Finder, or move it to the desktop. But I'm selecting "Email to I have my computer set up so all. However, obviously sometimes you want to open them in Stata. This is very simple with Quicksilver: Find the folder: Navigate with the arrow keys to the preferred file: Tab over to the action pane and select "Open with Additional notes on Quicksilver: You can also tell quicksilver how "deep" you'd like to index things. Stata for Mac can now take advantage of greater processing power and memory.


For exceptionally large datasets, the more memory you can access, the better. With bit Stata software, you can maximize your bit system's potential and say goodbye to the old 2-GB memory barrier imposed by bit systems. You are limited only by the total amount of memory on your machine. In addition to accessing more memory, Stata processes larger datasets more efficiently, making bit Stata faster than bit Stata. For details, see What kind of performance increase can I expect in going from bit to bit Stata? Click here for how to determine if your operating system is bit.

Existing Stata 10 for Mac users can upgrade for free to bit Stata for Mac by visiting www. If it is not, please right click on any do-file and set the OS to always open the do-file in Stata by the following: 2. To determine where your Stata binary is, open a terminal and enter which stata. Then, copy the path it prints out into the variable below.

HLP2PDF: Stata module to create PDF or PostScript from Stata help file

In your. Enter in the one that's appropriate to your installation and license. The shell script variable option allows you to specify a. Just make sure that your shell script takes arguments and passes it to the executable you specify appropriately. For the bang you can use the launcher available for your Linux distribution's desktop environment e.

Please note that you could customise your hotkey by simply adding a sentence to your. By default this is turned on for any. Life Changing Helpful Unfulfilling. This pull request, written in VimScript, adds support for Linux distributions with installations of Stata to the vim-stata plugin to run do file lines.